Shafir Technologies


Professional Infection Prevention​

Shafir Technologies is an expert in Infection Prevention Solutions Based on the latest scientific evidence proven technologies according to international standards.

Flexible Endoscopy​

Shafir Technologies provides technical solutions in Flexible Endoscopy based on knowledge and experience gained through many years of close collaboration with world experts in the field and clients.

Shafir Technologies was established in 1994 as an importer and distributor of Medical and
Laboratory Equipments and Devices.

Shafir Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and serves an active member of
Israel Chamber of Commerce.

The Moto of the company is to provide the Advanced Technologies Solutions with professional
after sales support and technical service to the clients.

Shafir Technology’s main areas of specialization and expertise are:

Unique and Professional Solutions in :

Flexible Endoscopy Instruments
Gastroenterology and Pulmonology

Infection Prevention Solutions
Cleaners / Disinfectants for Specialized Markets Such as: for the Healthcare,
Life Sciences Laboratories, Veterinary, Food and Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical and
Personal Care Sectors.

International Professional Consultancy

Shafir Technologies provides international consultancy service in the above-mentioned fields of

Our sales force consists of professionally trained products specialists.

Among our clients in Israel are Health Funds, Governmental, Public, Privet Hospitals and Clinics,
Laboratories, Municipal Veterinary Services and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies,
Research and Higher Educational Institutions.

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