Hard Surface Cleaners & Disinfectants, Rapid Disinfection

ApplicationsProduct NameProduct CodeName of Supporting Virus, Dilution Rate and Contact Time
Rapid cleaning and disinfection of
Medical and Laboratory Equipment and for Food Preparation Surfaces
Descosept Spezial
RTU cleaner and disinfectant
Enveloped Viruses include HBV/HIV/HCV 30 seconds
Active against Papova/SV40 viruses 2 minutes
Active against Rotaviruses 30 seconds
Non-invasive ultrasound probes, for Medical and for Food preparation
Cleanisept Wipes Maxi00-208-T010EXP
Enveloped Viruses include HBV/HIV/HCV 30 seconds
Active against Papova/SV40 viruses 2 minutes
Active against Rotaviruses 30 seconds
Disinfection and cleaning of Medical and Food Preparation Surfaces,
Body Spills
Ultrasol Active Disinfectant Concentrate powder 00-255-0002
Virucidal: Polio virus 1.5% 30 seconds, Adeno virus 0.5% 15 minutes, Polyoma virus/SV40 1% 5 minutes, Vaccinia virus 0.25% 1 minute
Sporicidal: C. difficile 0.25% 1 minute
Disinfection of Transvaginal and Transrectal Ultrasound probes, Medical and Laboratory SurfacesCleanisept Wipes Forte Maxi00-208-T010EXP
Sporicidal (Clostridium difficile) EN 13704 2 minutes
Virucidal include Polio-, Adeno-, Norovirus and SV40/ Papova-/ Polyomavirus 2 minutes
Virucidal EN 14476/prEN 16777 Active against Polyomaviruses 4-field-test/practical carrier test 2 minutes
Disinfection of small medical devices,
intact skin and before opening sterile solutions
Descoderm Pads (Sterile)00-401-T100-01Tuberculocidal (M. terrae) EN 14348 15 seconds
Mycobactericidal (M. avium & M. terrae) EN 14348 30 seconds
Active against all Enveloped viruses include HBV/HIV/HCV 15 seconds
Streak free Disinfection and cleaning
of surfaces, monitors, keyboards, screens and optical devices
Descosept Sensitive Wipes00-323DS-T100EN 16615 with mechanical action, dirty condition 2 minutes
Tuberculocidal (M. terrae) EN 14348 clean condition 30 seconds
Mycobactericidal (M. avium) EN 14348 clean condition 1 minute
Active against enveloped viruses include HBV/HIV/HCV 30 seconds
Active against Rotaviruses 30 seconds
Active against noroviruses (MNV) 1 minute
Active against Adenoviruses 3 minutes
Alcohol free disinfection and cleaning
of large surfaces including in food preparation area
Descosept Spezial Wipes00-208-ERS100Active against ALL enveloped viruses include HBV/HIV/HCV/Vaccinia/BVDV/Influenza viruses 30 seconds
Rota viruses 30 seconds
Papova/Polyoma viruses acc. to EN 14476 2 minutes
Alcoholic hands disinfection, surgical
hands disinfection
Aseptoman Med
Virucidal Hand Disinfectant
Surgical hand disinfection 2 minutes
Tuberculocidal (M. terrae) EN 14348 30 seconds
Mycobactericidal (M. terrae & M. avium) 30 seconds
Active against All Enveloped Viruses EN 14476 15 seconds
Adenoviruses 30 seconds
Noroviruses (MNV) EN 14476 30 seconds
Surgical instruments and endoscopy
cleaner and instruments Biofilm remover
Plurazyme extra
Tri-enzymatic Cleaner
Concentration 0.25% (2.5 ml/L) 30-40 ºC minimum 5 minutes
Recommended for ultrasonic baths
0.4% (4 ml/L) 30-40 ºC minimum 5 minutes
Instruments disinfection and cleaning based on Peracetic acidPerfektan active
Powder Concentrate Disinfectant / Cleaner
Enveloped & Non-enveloped viruses (Virucidal) 2% 30 minutes, Enveloped viruses 0.25% 15 minutes, Polioviruses 2% 30 minutes, Adenoviruses 0.5% 15 minutes
SV40-/Papova-/Polyomaviruses 1% 5 minutes
Disinfectant and cleaner for dental impressions and prosthetic materials Descoprent Dental Disinfectant and Cleaner00-813-050HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV/Vaccinia/Influenza viruses 1 minute
Rota virus 5 minutes
Disinfectant and cleaner for dental suction systemsDescosuc Low Foaming
Dental Disinfectant / Cleaner
00-814-050Enveloped viruses include HBV/HIV/HCV 2% 15 minutes
Enveloped viruses clean condition 1% 5 minutes



Frequently touched objects and surfaces with a properly tested and registered disinfectants
  1. Door handles and push buttons
  2. Faucets, toilet’s floor and flush levers
  3. Telephones, computers, screens and keyboards
  4. Light and air control switches
  5. TV and remote controls
  6. Other surfaces near and under patient bed
  7. Sinks
  8. Bathrooms / showers / toilets
  9. Food and beverage preparation area (refrigerator handles and panels)
  10. Elevators
  11. Laundry room (laundry machines, drying machines)
  12. Garbage disposal area
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