Application Aids

Dosing Pumps

Dosing aid for containers and dispenser bottles

The dosing pump is available in three different versions: dosing pump with 30 ml/stroke, fits 2 l bottles, 5 l or 10 l containers, adapter available on demand for smaller dosing (20 ml, 10 ml).

Dosing pump with 3 ml/stroke, fits 500 ml/1 l bottles or dosing pump with 2 ml/stroke, fits 500 ml/1 l bottles.

Spray Heads

For surface disinfection and cleaners

The spray heads are available in different versions: Spray head for 500 ml bottle, spray head for 500 ml/1 l dispenser bottles and foam spray head for 500 ml/1 l dispenser bottles.


For instrument processing
  • With recessed grips for secure handling
  • Practical removable basket insert
  • Lid can be tightly sealed to prevent contamination of the room air

Disinfection tubs are required for cleaning and disinfection during manual processing and, if required, as preparation for automated processing of instruments as well as rigid and flexible endoscopes.

The disinfection tub has a removable basket insert, a marker indicating the level of solution, a closely fitting white lid and comes in a number of different sizes. All disinfection tubs can be processed automatically.

The basket insert enables easy removal of instruments from the cleaning or disinfectant solution.

After removing the basket insert from the disinfection tub, they can immediately be rinsed under running water.

The tightly sealing lid prevents any contamination of the room air by volatile ingredients.

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