Infection Prevention Solutions

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospital Micro-Organisms Challenges and Solutions

Mycobacteria, Biofilms, C. Difficile, Viruses.

Dental Surgery

Dental products solutions for efficacy, safety and convenience Solutions for all dental environments protection.


Continues the trend of leading edge biosecurity technologies established by advanced science and represents significant developments in disinfectant technology.

PCR (DNA/RNA) Cleaners/Removers.


A multi purpose surface disinfectant, designed to provide the agricultural and equine sectors effective disinfection in high risk, high soil environments.

Food & Beverage

Disinfection of Food and Beverage preparation areas.

Kinder Gardens

Safe and efficient disinfectants solutions.


Sterile alcoholic preparation pads.

Research Institutions

Safe and efficient disinfection solutions in deactivation of

Nucleic Acid.

Aged Care Facility

For this particular area we pay an extra care to ensuring that our products are efficient, easy and safe to use.

Emergency Service

Fast, Safe and Efficient disinfection solutions.

Animal Care

Odour Eliminator / Animal Scent Absorber / Disinfectant Cleaner for Animal Health Applications

Facilities Management

SHAFIR TECHNOLOGIES provides with a comprehensive and effective range of quality assurance manufactured disinfectants, supported by verifiable independent data relating to microbiological efficacy, compatibility, stability and safety.

Hotels & Restaurants

Safe and efficient disinfection solutions for environmental and food preparation areas.

Medical Practice

Reliable hygiene for personnel and patients

Public Health

Disinfection solutions for uprising epidemics and pandemics crisis.

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