Laboratory Surface Disinfectant

Continues the trend of leading edge biosecurity technologies established by advanced science and represents significant developments in disinfectant technology. The formula combines a blend of synergistic actives with a surface active detergent allowing a product that will clean and disinfectant at the same time, whilst demonstrating efficacy in soiled conditions.
Combines a formidable array of microbiological credentials with the enhanced facilities of faster and more effective anti-pathogenic activity. Produces solutions are manufactured in accordance with Quality Management System ISO9001 and is biodegradable under OECD conditions.
A safer to use disinfectant all round

Health and safety issues and product compatibility are of real importance to everyone. We encourage all users of chemical products to pay special attention to the advisory statements within
Material Safety Data Sheets and upon product labelling.

  • Wipes can be used to wipe surfaces
    and be allowed to dry.
  • Laboratory Disinfectant is available in 1 litre self dosing concentrate,

    5 litre concentrate and also readyto-use 750ml trigger spray.

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