Aseptoman Med

Alcoholic hand disinfectant
• Limited spectrum virucidal activity
• Effective against norovirus within 30 s
• Fast acting and highly effective, outstanding skin compatibility

Product description

Alcoholic hand disinfectant to be rubbed into the skin. ASEPTOMAN MED is especially gentle to the skin due to its low alcohol content, yet it still has a broad efficacy spectrum and is therefore the ideal product for the daily routine. ASEPTOMAN MED is noro-, rota- and adenovirus effective within the requirements of hygienic hand disinfection.

ASEPTOMAN MED fulfils the requirements for hand disinfection during noro-, rota and adenovirus outbreaks. It is perfume-free and free from cumulative long-term agents, which can accumulate on the skin and cause irritations. Additionally, ASEPTOMAN MED contains valuable re-fattening and caring ingredients to prevent drying out of the skin.

Range of application

Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.


Hygienic hand disinfection: 30 s

Apply a sufficient amount of hand disinfectant into dry hands. Keep hands moist with the undiluted product during the entire contact time. Pay particular attention to fingertips, thumbs and nail folds and if necessary apply hand disinfectant in portions again.

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