Desco Drill 2L

ready-for-use disinfectant for rotating instrument
• contains corrosion inhibitors
• for use in ultrasonic bath
• high material compatibility

Product Properties

Ready-for-use combined preparation for disinfection and cleaning of dental drills and other rotating precision instruments. Desco Drill has an excellent bactericidal activity with optimal immediate efficacy. Desco Drill excels by its excellent cleaning power, a pleasant odour and very efficient corrosion inhibitors.

Range of Application

Desco Drill is applicable for a disinfectant cleaning in ultrasonic baths and burr sterilisers. Due to its outstanding material compatibility Desco Drill is especially recommended for sensitive materials such as drills made of aluminium, rubber polishers, drills made of hard metal, arkansas stones, diamond polishers and ceramic grinding tools.

Antimicrobial Properties

Desco Drill is:
– bactericidal incl. MRSA
– tuberculocidal
– fungicidal (C. albicans), levurocidal
– virus inactivating incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, Polio virus (at 50 °C)

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