Descoprent 5L

disinfectant for dental impressions and prosthetic dentistry materials
• no influence on dimensional accuracy
• does not damage surfaces
• good wetting properties, can be rinsed-off easily

Product Properties

Ready for use preparation based on aldehydes and quaternary ammonium compounds for the rapid and effective disinfection and cleaning by immersion for dental impressions. Descoprent disinfects without having any negative influence on dimensional properties or the surface quality of the material. It is colourless and odourless and free from formaldehydes and phenols.

Range of Application

Ready-for-use solution for rapid disinfection and thorough cleaning of dental workpieces and prosthetic dentistry materials such as polyethers, A/C silicones, alginates and hydro-colloids.


Immerse items made from alginates and hydro-colloids only shortly and let dry for 5 minutes. Immerse all other materials for 5 minutes into the disinfection solution. Rinse with clear water after contact time has elapsed.

Antimicrobial Properties

Descoprent is:
– bactericidal incl. MRSA
– yeasticidal
– virus inactivating incl. HBV/HIV, BVDV/HCV, Vaccinia, Rota viruses

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