Descosept Sensitive Wipes

Alcohol-impregnated wipes for rapid disinfection
• Universal, comfortable and time-saving application
• Broad, rapid efficacy
• Especially suited for disinfection of medium-sized surfaces in near patient areas

Product description

DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES are alcoholic, ready to use wipes for disinfection and cleaning of medical devices surfaces, especially sensitive surfaces. DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES offer a universal and time saving application for the disinfection and cleaning of larger surfaces. The wipes can be exctracted individually from the re-sealable and user-friendly flowpack.
DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES are based on an optimal combination of wipe and soaking solution. Therefore they offer effective, yet gentle and streak free disinfection within a short time.

Range of application

Acc. to Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR): Rapid disinfection and cleaning of alcohol resistant medical inventory and all kinds of surfaces.

Acc. to EU Medical Devices Regulation: For rapid disinfection and cleaning of non invasive medical devices, especially suited for sensitive surfaces of medical devices.


Wipe surfaces with DESCOSEPT SENSITIVE WIPES until completely wet and allow to dry for the entire contact time.

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