Descosept Spezial 750ml

Alcohol-free rapid disinfection
• Particularly suitable for alcohol-sensitive surfaces
• Strong cleaning power
• Short contact time

Product description

DESCOSEPT SPEZIAL is an alcohol free ready-to-use solution for disinfection and cleaning of medical inventory, medical devices and all kinds of surfaces. Especially for alcohol-sensitive medical devices and surfaces, also suitable for acrylic glass. Based on quaternary ammonium compounds.
DESCOSEPT SPEZIAL is alcohol free, contains neither aldehydes or phenols, nor perfums.

Range of application

Acc. to Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR): Disinfection and cleaning of alcohol-sensitive surfaces and medical inventory.
Acc. to EU Medical Devices Regulation: Disinfection and cleaning of alcohol-sensitive non-invasive medical devices.


Wipe surfaces with DESCOSEPT SPEZIAL until completely wet and allow to dry for the entire contact time.

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