Descosuc Cleaner 5L

Cleaner for dental suction systems
• Excellent cleaning power
• Low foaming
• Additional intensive cleaner for use with Descosuc

Product Properties

Liquid concentrate for the regular intensive cleaning of dental suction systems with and without amalgam separators, dental sinks and lines. Desinfectant and cleaner for all kinds of dental suction systems. Descosuc Cleaner guarantees an optimal cleaning and a trouble-free, smooth operation of the dental suction system.


Apply Descosuc Cleaner once or twice a week. Depending on level of soiling use 50 ml to 100 ml Descosuc Cleaner and fill up to 1 litre with water. Prepare 2 litre of fresh working solution before cleaning procedure (cleaning can be done e.g. during lunch break). Extract 2/3 of the working solution through the suction tubes and pour 1/3 of the working solution into the dental sink. The best cleaning result will be achieved at an exposure time of ca. 1.5 to 2 hrs. After exposure time rinse carefully with clear water in order to completely remove dissolved soiling from the tubes. Do not leave the working solution in the suction system over night.

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