Orange Solvent 500ml

Special cleaner for surface cleaning of medical devices
• Made of natural orange oil
• With extra cleaning power
• Effortlessly removes residues of all types

Product description

ORANGE SOLVENT is a ready-to-use cleaning solution for thorough removal of alginate and cement residues as well as zinc oxide / eugenol specks on medical and dental instruments and equipment. Also for removal of adhesive residue, permanent marker and scuff marks on flooring. Even particularly stubborn stains can be removed with ORANGE SOLVENT. Economic to use.

Range of application

Easy removal of stubborn stickers and old labels after a short application time and easy removal of adhesive residue.
– For substantial removal of iodine specks and other colour signal specks.
– For removing stubborn scuff marks on PVC and linoleum flooring such as those caused by bed castors.
– For cleaning zinc paste and plaster bandages. For removing alginate and cement residue as well as zinc oxide / eugenol specks.
– Dissolves greasy stains on clothing, carpets and cushions.


Apply ORANGE SOLVENT to a wipe or single-use cloth and rub the area to be treated.

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