Perfektan Active

Powder concentrate for instrument disinfection based on peracetic acid
• virucidal according to RKI/DVV
• extensive material compatibility
• superior cleaning performance
• completely soluble

Product properties

PERFEKTAN® active is a highly eff ective powder concentrate for manual disinfection of all kinds of medical instruments. This product is a low dusting powder which dissolves fast and complete in water for a reliable and safe application.
PERFEKTAN® active is based on the active agent peracetic acid generated in mild alkaline solution. This product combines excellent antimicrobial properties and superb material compatibility. Use of
PERFEKTAN® active avoids protein fi xation and enables safe disinfection even in diffi cult conditions. PERFEKTAN® active masters diffi cult cleaning conditions.

Range of application

For manual pre-cleaning of endoscopes preceding thermo-chemical treatment. For manual disinfection of medical devices of all kinds (surgical instruments, anesthetic equipment) as well as for rigid and flexible endoscopes.


Prepare ready-to-use solution according to dosage chart under aid of the attached measuring spoon using < 30 °C water. PERFEKTAN® active is suitable for disinfection by immersion and for use in ultrasonic baths. Choose sonication times according to manufacturer’s recommendation and don’t exceed temperatures of 30 °C. Compatible with all water hardness types.

Disinfection and cleaning of endoscopes Immerse instruments directly after use and clean mechanically based upon the type of device and manufacturer’s recommendations. Ensure complete wetting of all surfaces and cavities, avoiding air bubbles. Ensure that contact time, solution concentration and the manufacturer’s recommendation for manual reprocessing conforms to DIN EN ISO 17664. Rinse instruments with deionised water after use. The working solution must be replaced after 8 h or if visibly contaminated.

Virucidal disinfection of all types of medical instruments Rinse instruments after manual cleaning thoroughly with water. Immerse in the PERFEKTAN® active working solution with all surfaces and cavities accessible to the solution. Remove instruments after the recommended contact time and rinse with water thoroughly, dry instruments and sterilise if needed. The manufacturer’s instruction and recommendations for reprocessing must be followed. The working solution has to be replaced on a daily basis (8h).

Antimicrobial properties

• bactericidal (incl. MRSA)
• tuberculocidal
• yeasticidal
• fungicidal
• virucidal acc. to RKI/DVV guidelines
• sporicidal

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