Plurazyme Extra 1L

tri-enzymatic cleaner for surgical instruments and endoscope reprocessing
• strong cleaning power
• concentrate for economical use
• ideal for ultrasonic cleaning
• excellent material compatibility

Product Properties

PLURAZYME® extra offers an excellent material compatibility and is therefore the ideal cleaning concentrate for manual reprocessing of surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes. It is economic in use and recommended for use in ultrasonic baths.

PLURAZYME® extra offers an excellent cleaning performance due to the combination of highly surface active nonionic surfactants and a stabilised triple enzyme complex. The self-acting formula counteracts, penetrates and effectively removes all kinds of organic contaminations such as proteins, coagulated blood, mucus, vomit, fat and fecal matter even in hard-to-reach areas.

Application area

PLURAZYME® extra is especially suitable for the manual cleaning without protein fixation of:

– all kinds of medical instruments
– rigid and flexible endoscopes
– endoscopic accessories
– ideal for use in ultrasonic bath


Prepare working solution of 0,4 % PLURAZYME® extra by using 4 ml of concentrate per 1 liter of warm water. The use of warm water (temperature = 30 – 40 °C) is recommended. Immerse instruments and endoscopes into the cleaning solution and ensure a complete wetting of all instrument surfaces and cavities. Completely remove air from lumens. Brush instruments if necessary. Clean endoscope channels mechanically.

Remove cleaned instruments and rinse thoroughly with clear water prior to further reprocessing steps.

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