Ultrasol Active

Powder concentrate for surface disinfection based on peracetic active
• broad spectrum of activity
• superior cleaning performance
• excellent material compatibility

Product properties

Highly effective powder concentrate for disinfecting and cleaning of all types of surfaces.
ULTRASOL® active is a low dusting powder and therefore especially simple and safe in dosage.
ULTRASOL® active achieves the highest effectivity range due to the peracetic acid active agent generated in situ, in mild alkaline solution. This product realizes excellent cleaning power while offering superb material compatibility.
The efficacy of ULTRASOL® active is achieved even at high levels of organic contamination; dried-on blood can be easily and safely removed. This perfume-free and odourless product is especially suitable for disinfection in areas where maximum efficacy and outstanding cleaning performance are required.

Range of application

Acc. to MDD (Medical Device Directive):
Disinfection and cleaning of noninvasive medical devices.

According to Biocidal Products Regulation:
For disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and inventory in medical, industrial, private and public sectors.

Antimicrobial properties

ULTRASOL® active is: – bactericidal (incl. MRSA) – tuberculocidal – yeasticidal – fungicidal – virucidal acc. to RKI recommendations – sporicidal

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