Sclerotherapy / Tissue Marketing Injection Needles

Sclerotherapy/ Tissue Marketing Injection Needles

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a material to control bleeding. Most commonly, sclerotherapy is performed to control variceal bleeding (bleeding from veins near the surface) in the esophagus. Other non-variceal bleeding sites can be controlled this way as well.

Sclerotherapy is performed as follows. First, the bleeding site is located endoscopically. The sclerotherapy catheter is advanced through the endoscope until it is just visible contacting the bleeding site. The endoscope is held firmly against the bleeding site and the needle advanced into the tissue. A material called sclerosant is then injected into the bleeding site. The sclerosant is usually epinephrine or ethanol. The sclerosant, through a variety of mechanisms, causes the site to stop bleeding.


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Sclerotherapy / Tissue Marketing Injection Needles
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